Porto district Naples

Together with the quartieri Avvocata, Mercato, Pendino, Montecalvario and San Giuseppe, the Porto district makes up NaplesMunicipalità 2. Porto is located at the very south-western tip of the city centre. This part of town used to be known as San Giovanni Maggiore.

Porto district Naples


Piazza Bovio, Porto district Naples
Building in the Piazza Bovio.

The part of the district that is of Greek origin is located behind the huge works carried out by the Società del Risanamento in the 20th century.

These works took place between 1910 and 1920. This included renovating the façade of the Santa Maria in Donnaromita Church. The former entrance to the demolished Palazzo di Fabrizio Colonna was used as a portal.

The port area had already been redeveloped by Domenico Fontana in the 16th century.

The district is the smallest in the city in terms of population.

What to see

The Porto district is not particularly interesting for tourists. The best-known churches are the Santa Maria di Portosalvo Church and the San Pietro Martire Church. The Stock Exchange building (Palazzo della Borsa) is in Piazza Bovio. A Madonna statue by Domenico Antonio Vaccari stands on the Palazzo dell’Immacolatella.

Porto district, Naples

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