Portuense District Rome (Quartiere XI)

Portuense is the 11th quartiere of Rome and is situated along the river Tiber, south of the rione Trastevere. The quartiere is named for the Via Portuense and is one of the first 15 quartieri which were named in 1921.

Portuense District Rome (Quartiere XI)

It is easy to reach from both Roma Termini and Fiumicino airport by taking a train to the Roma Trastevere railway station.

Tourist attractions Portuense district

Santa Passera Church Rome
Santa Passera Church

The district is separated from the Trastevere neighborhood by the Porta Portese. This 17th century city gate also forms one of the entrances to the city’s famous flea market of the same name.

The best known church in the area is the Santa Passera Church. This, originally 5th century, church has a containing fragments of ancient frescoes.

Portuense district Rome map

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