Pozzuoli travel guide

Pozzuoli is a medium-sized town west of Naples. The main attraction of the town is the old Roman center, which is nowadays known as the district Terra.

Pozzuoli travel guide

Useful information

Temple of Serapis Pozzuoli
Temple of Serapis

Region: Campania. Province: Napoli. Postal code: 80078. Area code: 081. Town hall: Via Tito Livio 4 (tel. +39 0818551111). Polo culturale Palazzo Toledo (kind of tourist office): Via Pietro Ragnisco, 29 (tel. +39 0818551401).

A brief history of Pozzuoli

The first settlement located here was of Greek origin and was called Dicearchia. It already existed in the 7th century BC and overlooked the harbor. 5 centuries later it had become a Roman town, which lived on trade and was characterized by luxury villas. This area would later become the district of Terra.

Pozzuoli was a very important city in Roman times (it was the port city of Pompei) and therefore, apart from Rome itself, it was the only city to have two amphitheatres.

What to see in Pozzuoli

The San Procolo Cathedral: Beneath this church are the ruins of the ancient Roman Temple of Augustus.

The city’s amphitheater (Anfiteatro Grande) is among the largest in Italy and has three levels.

The Temple of Serapis can only be viewed from the outside.

The Solfatara is the name of a volcanic crater that is now no longer in operation.

Pozzuoli, province of Naples

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