Prato Park Arezzo

The Prato is the name of the park that lies between the Cathedral of Arezzo and the medieval Fortezza Medicea. It is located at the highest point of the historic center of the city and has an area of about 7 hectares. In the centre of the park is a monument dedicated to the poet Petrarch.

Prato Park Arezzo

Adrdress, opening times and entrance fee

Prato Park Arezzo
Prato Park

There are entrances in the Viale Bruno Buozzi, Via Madonna Laura and Salita Piero Magi. It is open 24/7. Entrance is free of charge. In one of the two cafes in the park there is a toilet for the disabled. Italian name: Passeggio del Prato.

History and description

The Prato (which simply means “field” in Italian) is the oldest public park in Arezzo.

It is located in a picturesque spot on a hill. There are ancient trees that creating unique atmosphere.

In the beginning of the 19th century it became a public park where concerts, horse races and other events took place. It is also often used for ballooning and for fireworks shows.

The present park is sandwiched between the southern bastion of the fortress (where there are also some archaeological excavations) and the Porta Stufi.

Petrarca Monument

In the central part of the park is a sculpture group created by Alessandro Lazzerini and intended as a monument to Francesco Petrarca. The work was placed there in 1928.

Prato Park – Viale Bruno Buozzi, Arezzo

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