Prenestino-Labicano District Rome (Q. VII)

Rome‘s 7th quartiere, called Prenestino-Labicano, is located outside the the city walls, between the Via Prenestina and the Via Casilina. The first part of the Via Casilina used to be called Via Labicana, which is why the district is called Prenestino-Labicano.

Prenestino-Labicano District Rome (Q.VII)

Both the Via Prenestina and the Via Casilina start at the Porta Maggiore, Rome’s tram hub and the end station of many of the aqueducts that used to transport water to the city.

The neighbourhood consists of a number of areas known under a different name by the Romans themselves, i.e. Pigneto, Marranella, Torpignattara and Casilino. Pigneto is beginning to acquire a reputation for good and cheap trattorie.

The most important part for tourists is the area around Porta Maggiore, with the aqueducts.

Prenestino-Labicano district Rome map

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