Province of Frosinone

Frosinone is one of the five provinces that make up the Latium (Lazio) region. The capital of the province, which has about half a million inhabitants, is also called Frosinone. Apart from the official name, it is also often called Ciociaria.

Province of Frosinone

Most of the province is on low terrain and its borders are more or less defined by a number of mountain ranges. The province is cut off from the coast by the province of Latina.

Main cities Provincie Frosinone

Palazzo Gottifredo Alatri
Palazzo Gottifredo in Alatri

The capital is called Frosinone. About 10% of all the inhabitants of the province live here. Due to earthquakes and bombings during World War II, most of Frosinone is relatively new.

More beautiful and, historically speaking, interesting towns are Anagni, Ferentino and Alatri.

Provincie Frosinone, Latium, Italiƫ