Province of Rieti travel guide

Rieti province is one of the five provinces in the Lazio region in Italy. The capital of this hilly province is Rieti itself. The province has about 150,000 inhabitants and consists of 73 municipalities. Unfortunately, the region is often hit by earthquakes.

Province of Rieti


Porta d'Arci Rieti
Rieti cit gate

Thanks to its central location, Rieti is sometimes referred to as Italy’s belly-button. The city’s historic center is sandwiched between 13th-century walls and the Velino river.


Accumoli is a small town of about 700 inhabitants in the northernmost part of the province. Despite being so small, the municipality borders three other regions, namely Abruzzo, Marche and Umbria. The historic centre of the hilltop town was badly damaged during the 2016 earthquakes.

Province of Rieti

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