Public transport Assisi

The nearest airport to Assisi is the San Francesco d’Assisi airport in Perugia. Assisi is easily reached by train from both Rome and Florence. For destinations not easily reached by train (which is fairly common in mountainous regions of central Italy), there are good bus connections. Within Assisi itself, there are buses that run from the central station to the historical centre.

Public transportation to/from Assisi

By train to Assisi

Assisi‘s train station is located about 3 kilometers outside the city walls, in the Piazza Dante Alighieri. It is on the line between Foligno and Terontola. From Florence it is necessary to first take a train to Terontola and change trains there. From Rome, one must first go to Foligno and then change trains.

Bus connections to Assisi

Assisi is located in a very hilly region and many of the surrounding towns cannot be visited by train. Usually there are very good bus connections, however. The company that covers the entire region of Umbria is called Umbria Mobilità. The main bus lines are:

  • Perugia: Line E006 or E007.
  • Todi: E029.
  • Spello: E415.

Airport near Assisi

The nearest airport to Assisi is the Aeroporto San Francesco d’Assisi in a suburb of Perugia called Sant’Egidio. There is a direct bus connection (Umbria Mobilità, line E007, 8 Euro one-way, 14 Euro return) to Assisi‘s train station. RyanAir flies from Charleroi to Perugia. However, most tourists from outside Italy will arrive not here but at one of the two Roman airports, Ciampino or Fiumicino. These are best off taking the Leonardo Express to Rome’s central train station, and then traveling further by train to Assisi.

Public transport in Assisi

There is a good bus service (line C) between the city’s central station and the historical center. Tickets for these buses can be purchased at the station. Once you are in the center it is best to walk everywhere.

Assisi railway station

There is no luggage department at the railway station. However, for a fee, the people who run the railway station café will store your luggage for you.

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