Quattro Fontane (“Four Fountains”) Rome

The “Four Fountains” (Quattro Fontane) in Rome are located at the highest point of Quirinal Hill, occupying the intersection of the Via del Quirinale and the Via delle Quattro Fontane. In March 2015, the latest restoration of the fountains was completed.

Four Fountains Rome (Quattro Fontane)

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Quattor Fontane Rome (Arno)
The Arno

The Quattro Fontane are located at the intersection of Via delle Quattro Fontane and Via del Quirinale/Via XX Settembre. Metro: Barberini. Bus: 116T. Neighborhood: Castro Pretorio.

History Quattro Fontane Rome

Quattro Fontane Rome

Unfortunately, both streets are rather narrow, with a lot of traffic, which makes it difficult to enjoy the works at leisure.

The four fountains, two of which were designed by Domenico Fontana, depict the male river gods Arno and Tiber, along with two female Gods drawn from Roman Mythology, namely Juno and Diana.

It was Pope Sixtus V who had ordered construction of the four fountains. The work was financed by Muzio Matteo and lasted from 1588 to 1593.

The pope did gift Matteo a number of blocks of the stone type peperino. These had been taken from the ruins of the Septizonium, a nymphaeum built by Emperor Septimius Severus at the foot of the Palatine Hill. The Septizonium was completely demolished for this purpose.

The Gods are all depicted in a similar position, half-lying and resting on one arm. Apart from Juno they are all inside an alcove.

The Gods

The statue depicting the God Tiber is located next to the San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane church. He is depicted with the horn of plenty. Water flows from the bowl on which he rests. He is accompanied by a wolf.

Clockwise, the next statue is Juno. She rests on the head of a lion and is accompanied by a goose.

Four Fountains Rome (Arno)

Arno is depicting leaning on a pot and is accompanied by a lion. It is not known who made this fountain and it is not even entirely certain that it is the Arno. Other interpretations refer to the Aniene (a smaller Roman river) and the Nile.

The final God is Diana, who is depicting leaning on a rock.


The intersection is also where three districts meet. Juno and Diana are located in the rione Trevi, while the Gods Tiber and Arno are located in Monti and in Castro Pretorio, respectively.

Via XX Settembre/Via Quattro Fontane Rome