Raphael’s Rooms Vatican Museums Rome

The part of the Pontifical Palace in the Vatican in Rome that is now known as Raphael’s Rooms was originally the residence of Pope Julius II della Rovere. The pope had Raphael fresco the walls of four large rooms. It took the artist and the pupils in his workshop from 1508 till 1524 to finish the project.

Raphael Rooms Vatican Museums Rome

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History and description

Donation of Rome, Hall of Constantine, Raphael Rooms, Vatican Museums Rome
“The Donation of Rome” in the Raphael Rooms.

History and description

The apartment where the rooms are located is on the 2nd floor of the Pontifical Palace. After the death of Pope Julius in 1513, his successors continued using the apartment.

Room of Constantine

The Hall of Constantine, which was used for receptions and other official events, was painted between 1517 and 1524. Raphael died in 1520, before the work was completed. His pupils completed the project, on the basis of his drawings. The general theme of the frescoes is the victory of Christianity over the pagan world. The frescoes depict four episodes of the life of Constantine, the first Emperor to officially recognize the Christian faith. The ceiling fresco was the work of Tommaso Laureti.

Room of Heliodorus

The dominant theme in this room is the protection that God has offered to the church over the centuries.

Room of the Segnatura

This room, which housed the Vatican’s highest court, features the most famous frescoes painted by Raphael.

Room of the Fire in the Borgo

Originally the highest court. Raphael left most of the work to his pupils.

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