Regola District Rome (R. VII)

The neighborhood that is now the Regola district, the 7th rione of Rome, was part of the Ancient Roman quartiere Campo Marzio. Nowadays the district is one of the most picturesque parts of the city.

Regola District Rome (Rione VII)

Piazza Farnese Rome
Piazza Farnese

The name “Regola” derives from the word Renula: Rena is the type of sand the Tiber used to leave behind after flooding the area. These floods were a regular occurrence, and it was not until the Middle Ages that the Romans tried to do something about it.

In 1875 they managed to build high walls around the river and the neighborhood changed completely. Many important palazzi and churches started being built there.

Tourist attractions Regola district

The Piazza Farnese is one of Rome’s most beautiful squares, surrounded by gorgeous buildings like the Palazzo Farnese (seat of the French Embassy). The Palazzo Spada, with the museum of the same name, can also be found in the rione Regola.

Rione Regola – Rome (R. VII)

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