Rocca Aldobrandesca Scarlino

The Rocca Aldobrandesca is a castle on the top of the hill on which Scarlino was founded. It is also called Rocca Pisana or Scarlino Castle. From the castle one still has a beautiful, though somewhat marred by industrial areas, view of the surroundings.

Rocca Aldobrandesca Scarlino

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Rocca Aldobrandesca Scarlino
Rocca Aldobrandesca

Address: Via della Panoramica, 58020 Scarlino. Tel. +39 056638529. Opening hours and entrance fee: The remains of the castle can be seen from outside.


What remains of the castle today was built in the 12th century by the Aldobrandeschi family. However, there used to be an earlier fortress on the same site.

The Aldobrandeschi had come into possession of the castle through marriage.

The castle consists of a double wall, with a moat in-between. Part of the old battlements can still be seen.

The hill on which the castle is built had an important role in the defense the coast of Tuscany. From the castle it was possible to keep an eye on the archipelago off the coast.

At present, during the summer months, the castle is often used for concerts. Unfortunately, the panorama is partially spoiled by the surrounding industrial areas.

Aldobrandeschi Castle, Scarlino

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