Rocca Aldobrandescha in Rocchette di Fazio (Semproniano)

Not much remains of the castle of Rochette di Fazio, a suburb of Semproniano. One tower is still standing, but most of its ruins have been used to build other constructions.

Rocca Aldobrandescha in Rocchette di Fazio (Semproniano)

Useful information

The Rocca Aldobrandeschi is permanently closed. The ruins can be viewed from outside.

History and description

Rocca Aldobrandeschi in Rocchette di Fazio (Semproniano)
The Rocca Aldobrandeschi is located at the top of the hill.

In the 13th century, when the city wall of Rocchette di Fazio was constructed, the castle was already in existence. The watchtowers were built at the same time.

In the 15th century, the castle was reinforced by the rulers from Siena.

From the 17th century onwards both castle and protective wall were left to decay. Only five towers, one of which part of the castle, survived.

Of the castle itself not much more than some ruins remains. Part of it structure was later used for the Palazzo dei Priori and the Palazzo di Giustizia.

Rocca Aldobrandescha in Rocchette di Fazio (Semproniano)

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