Rocca Farnese Cellere

The Rocca Farnese (or Farnesiana) is a castle in the historical centre of Cellere, a small town in the province of Viterbo in the region of Lazio. Most of its points of interest are located in the suburb of Pianiano.

Rocca Farnese Cellere

History and description

Rocca Farnese Cellere
Rocca Farnese

The heyday of Cellere occurred when the Farnese family took over power in the area and made the town part of the Duchy of Castro in 1537.

The Rocca Farnese was built in those days, together with the Palazzo di Giustizia, on the highest spot in the town centre. There used to be a ancient settlement in this same spot.

The castle’s architecture clearly shows that it was built in different phases and for different purposes.

It started out as a square structure and was probably only intended as a sort of watchtower, and was continually expanded to eventually become the Farnese‘s residence.

The castle was also extended in height.

Rocca Farnesiana, Cellere

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