Rocca Monaldeschi Bolsena

The Rocca Monaldeschi is a castle in the town of Bolsena in the province of Viterbo. Among other things, the castle is the seat of the Museo Territoriale del Lago di Bolsena (“Regional Museum of Lake Bolsena”).

Rocca Monaldeschi Bolsena

Useful information

The address of the Rocca Monaldeschi della Cervara is Piazza Monaldeschi 1 – 01023 Bolsena (tel. +39 0761 798630). Opening hours: From 10:00 til 20:00.

History and description

Rocca Monaldeschi Bolsena
Rocca Monaldeschi

The history of the Rocca Monaldeschi della Cervara begins in 1156, although at that time the castle was still known under a different name. In those days, Pope Adrian IV had the city center of Bolsena and of other towns along the Via Cassia fortified to resist the attacks of the Barbarossa from the north.

It is during this period that the city walls and the main tower of the current fortress were built.

In 1295 Bolsena came under the authority of Orvieto and the Monaldeschi family, originating from that city, had the walls restored and also three towers added.

What to see

The Museum of Lake Bolsena is spread out over three floors of the castle.

Rocca Monaldeschi, Bolsena

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