Rocchette di Fazio city walls (Semproniano)

The city walls of Rocchette di Fazio were constructed in order to strengthen the defense of the castle of the village. The walls were built in the 13th century and have two gates, one of which is called Porta di Castello. Rocchette di Fazio is a suburb of Semproniano.

Rocchette di Fazio city walls (Semproniano)

Useful information

The walls can be viewed from outside.

History and description

City wall and gate Rocchette di Fazio
City wall

The city wall of Rocchette di Fazio was built to reinforce the already existing castle. Both the castle and the wall were constructed by the Aldobrandini family.

There were watchtowers, of which only five still exist, built inside the wall.

The wall only includes the castle and the top of the hill. What is now the lower part of the city only developed around the castle in the late Middle Ages. A second defensive wall, unlike in other cities in the area, was never constructed.

Some stretches of the wall are part of the outer wall of the castle itself. The tallest one of the five remaining towers used to also be part of the castle.

Rocchette di Fazio city walls (Semproniano)

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