Roma Termini central station

There are several railway stations in Rome, but Roma Termini, in the rione Esquilino, is the most important and central one of these. All daytime Intercity and Frecce trains arrive in Termini and Termini is also the only point where the metro lines A and B meet. Most of the important bus lines leave from Termini as well.

Roma Termini central station

Roma Termini central station main entrance
Roma Termini main entrance

Roma Termini used to be quite a beautiful station, but nowadays it almost resembles a big shopping mall more than an actual railway station. Termini consists of two levels with every square meter taken up by shops and fast food restaurants. The commercialization of the station was caused by the privatization of Italy’s state railway system, which moved useful services like the police station and the tourist office ever further from the main part of the station.


Most trains arrive and depart from tracks 1 to 24. The train that connects Rome to Leonardo Da Vinci (or Fiumicino) airport always runs from track 24. Most trains that travel within the Lazio region depart from tracks 25 to 28. Actually, this is a small station within the big station Termini, called Laziali. To get here you have to walk all the way along track 24 (it is best to go down one floor so you can use the escalators). The main train that leaves from here is the train to Civitavecchia, where the cruise ships arrive and depart. Recently there are also some tracks (1EST, etc.) on the left side of the station.

Roma Termini Opening hours

Termini opens at 4am and closes after the last train of the day has arrived. Unless there are delays, this is around 1 AM. From 1 until 4AM the station is being cleaned and nobody is allowed in.

Practical Information

The central number of Roma Termini is (+39) 064775 and can be reached from 07.00 to 19.00 hours. There is a police station (polizia) beside track 1. (You need to walk several hundred meters along this track). This is where you have to go in order to file a report if you have been pick-pocketed. The carabinieri have an office at the beginning of track 16.

Tourist and Hotel Information

After the privatization of the railway system, the tourist office has been moved ever further and further away from the main part of Roma Termini, as there is no money to be made from giving information. At present, the information office is in the hall that runs parallel to track 24. In addition to the Roma Pass, a special tourist card for public transport and the city’s museums, you can get all kinds of leaflets here. Free city maps are not always provided.

The tourist office is not allowed to make hotel reservations for you. If you have not booked a hotel or bed and breakfast before you arrive in Rome, you can go to the Rome Hotel Reservation Office which is located near the tourist office. Although much less than in the past, there are still some people walking around the station with fake “hotel information” badges. These are usually the owners of the hotels, hostels or bed and breakfasts they recommend or people who work on commission.

Train information and ticket offices

The ticket offices are located in the atrium between the main hallway and the bus square. The left windows are for information. There are usually some men with phony badges hanging around pretending to work there. They don’t, and expect to be tipped for the information they will give you.

Buses to Ciampino and Fiumicino

There are no direct trains to Ciampino airport. Several bus companies provide a private service to this airport. SIT Shuttle leaves from the Via Marsala and Co.Tra.L and Terravision from the Via Giolitti.

The buses to Fiumicino leave and arrive at the same stops. TAM is the only company that only provides a connection to Fiumicino and their stop is between the Cotral and Terravision ones.

Piazza Cinquecento

Piazza dei Cinquecento Rome
Piazza dei Cinquecento

Piazza Cinquecento (or Piazza Cedera, as older Romans call it) is the big bus square in front of Roma Termini. Only local buses stop here. In the center of the square you will find the bus information office. The criterium for hiring employees here seems to be unhelpfulness, so it might better to get your information elsewhere in advance. Buy your bus tickets before boarding at tobacconists or newspaper stands.

Train Information and Ticket Office

It is recommended to try and get the information you need online, because the queues at the information office are often immense. The ticket office (biglietteria) for both Trenitalia and Italo is in a second, smaller hall between the central hallway and the large bus square Piazza Cinquecento. To save time, you can also use the vending machines that are located at most exits. For smaller distances you can buy tickets at tobacconists and magazine kiosks. This also applies to the Leonardo Express to and from Fiumicino airport.

Post office

You can only enter the post office, which is next to platform 1, from the Via Marsala. Here you can go if you need to send bigger packages to your home country. If all you need to do is buy stamps and/or mail letters or postcards you had better go to a tobacco shop and save time. There are mailboxes near both exits. These have one slot for Rome and one for “all other destinations” (tutte le altre destinazioni).


The police office is also next to platform 1, but quite a bit of a walk into the station. You will need to go here in case you have been pick-pocketed. There are forms to fill out, which you will need for your insurance company or for your embassy in case the theft involved passports or other forms of ID.


The name Termini derives from the Terme Diocleziane, across the road from the Piazza dei Cinquecento. As of December 23rd, 2006 Termini’s official name has been changed to Stazione Termini – Giovanni Paolo II.

In 2011, after his beatification, a (rather controversial) statue honoring the former pope was placed on the square in front of the station. The Romans were so unhappy with it, that the statue ended up having to be remade.

Roma Termini Facilities

  • Left luggage: Beside platform 24, one floor down.
  • Toilets: One level down, near escalators to Via Giolitti and Via Marsala.
  • Pharmacy: Hallway one level down; near Via Marsala exit.
  • Supermarket: Hallway one level down, near escalators Via Marsala side. There is also a smaller supermarket outside, to the right of the Via Marsala exit.
  • Car rental: Most major companies have offices in the hallway on the Via Giolitti side.
  • First aid: Hallway Via Giolitti side.
  • Waiting room: Near platform 1.
  • Waiting room for first class travellers (business lounge): In front of platform 4.
  • Wifi: In theory there is free wifi all over the station.

Roma Termini – Rome

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