Roman Amphitheater Ancona

Ancona‘s Anfiteatro Romano (“Roman Amphitheater”), along with Trajan’s Arch, is the only remaining monument dating back to Roman times. Previously, a Greek acropolis stood on the site and later a palace (the Palazzo Bonarelli) was built on top.

Roman Amphitheater Ancona

Useful information

Anfiteatro Romano Ancona (olphin mosaic)
Dolphin floor mosaic in what is thought to have been the gladiator school.

Address: Via Birarelli – Ancona. Phone: +39 071 5029811. The Amphitheater can only be visited on request.

History and description

Roman Amphitheater Ancona
The Roman Amphitheater with the Arco Bonarelli.

The Anfiteatro Romano is located on the foothills of the Colli Guasco and the Colli Cappuccini. Previously, a Greek acropolis had been located on this site.

It was built towards the end of the 1st century AD by order of Emperor Ottaviano Augusto and restored under the reign of Trajan.

The cavea consisted of 20 rows of stairs distributed over three levels. There was room for up to 10 thousand spectators.

Today, apart from the steps of the cavea, one can still see the foundations of the monument, which are incorporated into the surrounding medieval houses.

In 1810 the amphitheater was rediscovered, thanks to the Abbot Antonio Leoni together with Count Girolamo Bonarelli, whose Palazzo Bonarelli included a large part of the ruins of the monument.

Excavations began in 1930, but were often interrupted. ,It was not until 1972, after an earthquake caused major damage to the city, that real progress was made.

At present, the amphitheater of Ancona is often used for concerts.

Roman Amphitheater, Ancona

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