Roman bridges Santa Marinella

In the territory of Santa Marinella, (remains of) a number of ancient Roman bridges can still be seen along the ancient Via Aurelia consular road.

Roman bridges Santa Marinella

Useful information

The Roman bridges are located between kilometers 59 and 64 along the Via Aurelia.

History and description

Ponte delle Vignacce Santa Marinella
Ponte delle Vignacce

The Via Aurelia is one of the ancient Roman consular roads, which were intended to quickly transport troops to remote parts of the empire, if needed. The Via Aurelia still runs along the coast from Rome all the way to Liguria.

Although the bridges were built during the time of the Roman Republic, they mostly show signs of later restorations and/or reconstructions.

Other ruins dating back to the Romans are also visible along this road.

Bridges Via Aurelia (near Santa Marinella)

Ponte Apollo

km. 59,700: A two meter tall memorial needle found in two pieces in a nearby well has an inscription in Latin commemorating a Ponte Apollo allegedly destroyed by the sea. The emperors mentioned in the inscription (Settimo Severo and Caracalla) ruled in the early 3rd century. The ruins of the bridge itself, which had three arches, can be found at the Fosso di Castelsecco, between Via Aurelia and the coast.

Ponte di Largo Impero

The Ponte di Largo Impero (km. 60,400) is protected by a fence.

Ponte di Via Roma

The Ponte di Via Roma (km. 60,700) is located in a palm garden.

Ponte delle Vignacce

The Ponte delle Vignacce (km. 62,300) consists of a single arch.

Roman bridges Santa Marinella

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