Roman monuments Brescia

During the heyday of the Roman Empire, Brescia was one of the most important cities in northern Italy. The city was situated along the Via Gallica, in an agriculturally important area. The remaining Roman monuments of what was then called Brixia are almost all located in the so-called Archaeological Park.

Roman monuments Brescia

Address, opening hours and entrance fee Archaeological Park

Address: Via Musei, 55/Piazza del Foro, 6 – 25121 Brescia (tel. +39 0302977833 or 0302977834). Metro: Vittoria. Opening hours: From 09:00 to 18:00. Closed: Monday, December 25. Entrance fee: 8 Euro; age 14-18 and 65+:4,50 Euro; age 6-13: 3 Euro; family with 1 child: 15 Euro; family with 2 children: 18 Euro; family with 3 or more children: 21 Euro. Combination ticket with Santa Giulia Museum and Weapons Museum: 20 Euro; ages 14-18 and 65+: 12 Euro.

Piazza del Foro

In Roman times, the Piazza del Foro was the center of the political life of Brixia, as the city was then called. The square is framed by ancient palaces and houses. The Tempio Capitolino and the Basilica, then the court house, date back to Roman times. There are also still some columns behind which stores were located.


The Tempio Capitolino, located on the north side of the Forum, is also known as Capitolium. After having been destroyed in a fire, the monument was not rediscovered until the 18th century. The epigraphs and obelisks displayed inside the temple were found in the province of Brescia. Other archaeological artifacts, including the famous “Winged Victory”, can be seen in the Santa Giulia Museum.

Roman Theatre

The Roman Theater was built in the 2nd half of the 1st century. It was connected by a portico to the, older, Capitolium. In the 3rd century a reconstruction took place. In the 5th century it was partially destroyed, either by an earthquake or by Barbarian invasions. The theater, which could hold 15,000 spectators, served until 1173.