Roman Monuments Verona

Arena Verona

There are several (ruins of) monuments from Roman times to be seen in Verona. The most famous is of course the Arena, the amphitheatre that is even better preserved than the Colosseum in Rome.

Roman Monuments Verona


Arena Verona

Together with the House of Juliet, the Arena is Verona‘s most famous tourist attraction. Located on the picturesque Piazza Bra, the monument has been the scene of summer opera performances for over a century.

Roman Theater

Roman Theatre Verona

The Roman Theater of Verona is located at the foot of the Colle San Pietro. During the summer, Shakespeare‘s plays are performed here. The whole complex consists of a number of buildings built in different eras. The price of the ticket also includes a visit to the Archaeological Museum.

Ponte Pietra

Ponte Pietra Verona
Ponte Pietra

The Ponte Pietra is a bridge over the river Adige. It consists of five arches, probably dating from three different eras. After being bombed in the Second World War, the debris had to be fished out of the river and the bridge was reassembled bit by bit.

Arco dei Gavi

The 1st century AD Arco dei Gavi was placed in its present spot, next to the Castelvecchio, in 1932. Its original location was next to the Torre dell’Orologio, but it was destroyed by the French in the 19th century. The original stones were preserved and used for its reconstruction.

Porta Borsari

The Porta Borsari is the oldest gate in Verona and still the main entrance to the city. It was originally built by the Romans and dedicated to the God Giove (Jupiter). In those days the gate consisted of two facades, with a central courtyard. Of these, only the outer one remains.

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