Roman Theater Ascoli Piceno

Roman Theater Ascoli Piceno

The Teatro Romano (“Roman Theater”) of Ascoli Piceno is located on the foothills of the Colle dell’Annunziata hill. After a restoration, the theater has been used again for cultural events since 2010.

Roman Theater Ascoli Piceno

Useful information

Address: Via Francesco Ricci, 63100 Ascoli Piceno. Phone: +39 0736 298334. the monument is visible from outside.

History and description

Roman Theater Ascoli Piceno
Roman Theater

There are two different theories about the dating of the Roman theater. According to the first one, it was constructed in the 1st century BC, after Strabone had destroyed the city. According to the second hypothesis, the Teatro Romano is even older and dates back to Greek times. This can be deduced from the remaining ruins of the place where the choir and the orchestra were supposed to have been located. These elements did not exist in theaters of Roman times.

It was in this theater that a rebellion began in the year 91 B.C. Through this revolt, Ascoli Piceno and other towns in the vicinity sought to obtain Roman citizenship.

The cavea of the theater discovered in 1932 and excavated between then and 1959 has a maximum diameter of 95 meters. The parts that have been preserved are the orchestra and various parts of the cavea.

After a restoration, it has been used again for cultural and other events since 2010.

Roman Theater, Ascoli Piceno

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