Rome Airport Ciampino

Ciampino (officially Aeroporto G.B. Pastine) is Rome‘s second airport and the home base of the budget airline RyanAir. Before the budget airline companies existed it was a military airport. The Ciampino Airport Code is CIA.

Rome Airport Ciampino

The airport of Ciampino is very small and there are no more than a couple of shops. There is also really only one place where you can get something to eat and lines tend to be very long here, so it is recommended that you bring your own food with you.

The airport is closed at night so it is not recommended that you go there to spend the night in case you have a very early flight.

RyanAir is virtually the only airline using the airport of Ciampino.

The inhabitants of the city of Ciampino are complaining a lot about the noise level and the number of daily flights at the airport.

Ciampino Airport

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