Rome Metro Line B1

As of 13 June 2012 part of the extension to metro line B, called B1, of the Rome public transport system has been opened. The B1 part of the line starts at Bologna and finishes at Jonio. The two stops in-between are called Sant’Agnese-Annibaliano, Conca d’Oro and Libia.

Rome metro line B1

It is important to note that both line B and line B1 start at Laurentina, but that some trains after the Bologna stop veer off towards Jonio and some continue towards the end of the original line B, Rebibbia. Therefore, tourists who need to go to Rome’s second railway station Tiburtina or who, e.g., have to travel to the Ponte Mammolo stop in order to take the bus to visit Tivoli, must make sure that the the final destination Rebibbia (and not Conca d’Oro) is written on the train.

The first days after the opening of the first stretch of line B1 were extremely unsatisfying for passengers, with crowded platforms and waiting times of up to 20 minutes.

Like the other metro lines, B1 runs from 5,30 AM until 11,30 PM (but until 1,30 AM on Fridays and Saturdays). The ticket prices are obviously also the same as for the other lines.

The B1 line is useful tourist who wish to visit the Sant’Agnese Catacombs and the Mausoleum of Costanza.

2 thoughts on “Rome Metro Line B1

  1. Ann Hughes says:

    We need to get to Sant’Agnese/Anniballiano station from Fumiciano Airport in April. Can we take the FL7 train to reach this point.Are there any changes necessary. Thank you so much. We are so looking forward to visiting your beautiful city. Ann Hughes

    1. says:

      Hello Ann, as far as I know the FL7 does not go to Fiumicino at all. You probably mean the FL1, which will take you to the Nomentano train station. From there it is a 15 minute walk to the Sant’Agnese/Annibaliano metro stop. Hope this is helpful,


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