Public Transport Strikes Rome (October 20, 2023)

It is not unusual for there to be several public transport strikes per month in Rome (and the rest of Italy). One good thing about Rome is that the city center is very compact and that it is very easy to reach most tourist attractions on foot. The Italian word for strike is scioperò. The next strike has been announced for 17 November 2023.

Public Transport Strikes Rome

Friday 17 November, 2023 strike Rome

The next Public transport strike will take place on Friday, 17 November, 2023, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Initially, the strike was supposed to last 24 hours, but this was changed at the last moment.

Strikes in General

Strikes Rome
“I Strike”, says the bus.

When there is a general strike, its effect on Rome is usually the following: There will be no buses, trams or metros between 8.30 AM and 5 PM. From 5 PM until 8 PM there will be public transport, so that people can return home from work and take their children home from school. From 8 PM until 5.30 AM the following day public transport in Rome will again be virtually non-existent.

Although, even when a general strike takes place, there is usually a skeleton service during rush hour, the Rome metro and buses tend to be packed to such an extent that it is often better to walk.

A strike is usually (but not always) announced weeks, if not months, in advance, but just as often cancelled at the last minute, so always check the day before whether or not it will actually take place.

The Leonardo Express, the non-stop train between the international airport of Fiumicino and the central railway station Termini, is exempt from strikes. This implies that there will always be a service, although sometimes the trains get substituted by buses. Most of the various private bus companies that provide a service to and from both airports (Terravision, SIT Busshuttle and TAN) generally do not strike either. The only exception to this rule is Schiaffino Co/Tral, which is also the main company for bus connections from Rome to many cities in small town Lazio.

4 thoughts on “Public Transport Strikes Rome (October 20, 2023)

  1. Victor says:

    What about Fiumicino airport services including flight control?

    1. reneadm says:

      For the moment it seems that all Alitalia personnel will strike (including ground personnel). I can’t find any specific information about flight control.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Can you still use Protopia during the strike? And when will I be notified about flight issues from the US to Rome?

    1. reneadm says:

      I don’t know what Protopia is, sorry. The answer to your second question depends on which airline you are using, surely.


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