Rome taxi rates (2023)

Since the center of Rome is relatively compact, and public transport, unless when there is a strike, works well, most tourists will not need taxis during their stay. For some destinations (the airports and the cruise ship harbor of Civitavecchia) there are fixed rates. For rides within the city tariff 1 applies, but once you are outside the Grande Raccordo Anulare you will switch to tariff 2. Ubers tend to be more expensive than normal taxis in Rome.

Taxis in Rome

Taxi Stand Roma Termini
The taxi stand at Roma Termini

Official taxis in Rome are white, have a taximeter and must have an identification number on the door. This number usually consists of the name of the city with a number (Roma11 or Pisa28 for example).

Within Rome itself, you will probably only need a taxi after midnight, when the subway is no longer in use and the number of buses has been reduced to no more than once per hour. During the day you will be better off if you use the Roman public transport system or just walk.

It is not customary in Rome to hail taxis (a taxi driver once told me that this is because Romans are too lazy for that.) so don’t be surprised if you are ignored. There are taxi ranks close to most Roman tourist attractions.

At the airports and at the central station you will often be addressed by men (usually with a bunch of keys in hand) who will offer you a taxi. In general it is not advisable to go into this.

Rome taxi fares

The following rates are valid from 11 June 2012. Please make sure that the driver turns on the meter at departure (except for special destinations where a fixed price applies, see below). Within the city limits this tariff applied is 1, outside the city the tariff is 2.

Taxi Rates

  • Working days: Flat rate at departure (07.00 – 22.00 hours) Euro 3,00
  • Sundays and holidays: Flat rate at departure (07.00 – 22.00) Euro 4,50
  • At night: Flat rate at departure (22.00 – 07.00) Euro 6,50
  • Rate per hour (speed less than 20 Km/h) Euro 27,00/h
  • Rate T1 (faster than 20 Km/hour, until an amount of 11 Euro, including the initial costs, is reached). Euro 1,14 per click
  • Rate T2 (faster than 20 Km/hour, until a total of 24 Euro is reached) Euro 1,35 per click.
  • Rate T3 (faster than 20 Km/hour, until the end of the ride) Euro 1,66 per click.


The first baggage item is free of charge (1 Euro will be charged for each additional suitcase, provided it is larger than 35 x 25 x 50cm). This surcharge is not allowed for trips to and from the airports Ciampino and Fiumicino.)

Additional passengers

Most taxis are not allowed to carry more than 4 passengers. Larger cars may charge 1 Euro extra for the fifth passenger.

Ciampino Airport to/from Rome Center

From and to Ciampino airport the fixed taxi fare is 31 Euros, regardless of the number of passengers or luggage items, and regardless of the time or date. The starting point or destination must be within the Aurelian walls.

Fiumicino Airport to/from Rome Center

From and to Fiumicino International Airport the fixed price is 50 Euros, regardless of the number of passengers or pieces of luggage, and regardless of the time or date. The starting point or destination must be within the Aurelian walls. If the point of departure from Rome is not within the Aurelian walls, but within the Grande Raccordo Anulare (the main ring road around the city), the meter will be used. However, the final amount may not exceed 73 Euros.

Taxi from Fiumicino to Civitavecchia and Other Fixed Rates

The fixed fare from Fiumicino to (the port of) Civitavecchia is 125 Euro, the price for a ride between the two airports of Rome is 52 Euro, from Fiumicino to Stazione Ostiense it is 47 Euro and from or to Stazione Tiburtina it is 57 Euro.

Taxi Stands/Calling a Taxi

Taxi stand, Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica Rome
Taxi stand next to Saint Mary Major Basilica

To order a taxi via Radio Taxi within the G.R.A. (the ring road around Rome) there are a number of numbers you can call: The biggest ones are 063570, 066645 and 065551. When you call with a non-Italian mobile phone you will first have to dial 0039 (or +39) and then leave out the zero, so e.g. 003963570. If you have called your taxi, there is an extra charge of 3,50 Euro. After you have indicated where you want to be picked up, you will be kept on hold for a while and you will receive the identification number of the taxi and the approximate time you have to wait.

Discounts on taxis

There is a 10% discount on journeys with a Roman hospital as their destination.

There is a 10% discount for women who travel alone between 10pm and 6am.

Rome’s taxi companies

If you call from a non-Italian cell phone, you need to dial +39 first, and then leave off the “0” before the “6”.

  • 063570 (Radio Taxi 3570)
  • 065551 (Radio Taxi Samarcanda)
  • 066645 (Pronto Taxi)
  • 064994 (La Capitale Radio-Taxi)
  • 068822 or 0688177 (Mondo Taxi)
  • 064147 (Radio Taxi Tevere)
  • 065601646 (Radio Taxi Ostia Lido) – Note that this one is not based in Rome itself, but in Ostia.

060609 and Chiamataxi

When you dial 060609 you need to clearly pronounce the street address where you find yourself. You will not be connected to a taxi company, but to the nearest taxi stand. If there is no car available, you will be forwarded to the next-nearest stand. If you still do not get an answer, you will be connected to the nearest available taxi. Since your wait is shorter this way, the ride will turn out to be less expensive. The ChiamaTaxi app can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets.

Rome Taxi Rules and regulations

Inside the taxi, a list with the different tariffs should be displayed at the back of the front passenger seat. Make sure that the driver turns on the meter, except for rides where a fixed rate applies, such as to and from the two airports.

The maximum number of passengers in the average taxi is 4. If your group is bigger you should request a bigger car beforehand. There is a surcharge of one Euro per person from the 5th passenger onward.

The first item of luggage is free. After that you pay 1 Euro per item, on the condition that this is bigger than 35 by 25 by 50cm. There is no surcharge for rides to and from one of the two airports.

Taxi’s in Rome do not usually have children’s seats available so in case you are traveling with babies or toddlers make sure to bring your own.

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