Winter Sales Rome 2023

In times of crisis and insecurity one could do well to look beyond the Christmas Holiday shopping and to start thinking about the beginning of the New Year, when the 2023 winter sales start in Rome and the rest of Italy.

Winter Sales Rome 2021

When does the Rome sales period start

Galleria Alberto Sordi Rome
The Galleria Alberot Sordi is the only shopping mall in the historical center.

The exact dates of the sales period in Rome for 2023 have not yet been announced. The saldi normally start around January 15th and last until February 6th though. From the start date onward the various Rome shops, shopping malls and outlets will offer discounts of up to 60% on their wares and it will therefore be an excellent occasion for visitors to Rome to combine their holidays with some bargain hunting.

In 2022, to boost shopkeepers sales after the Covid crisis, the dates were fairly flexible. The regional authorities closed their eyes to shops that started selling their wares at discount prices before the official winter sales starting date.

Special transportation will, as always, be organized to get visitors quicker to some of Rome’s main shopping streets (Via del Corso, Via Condotti, Via Nazionale, Via Cola di Rienzo), malls (Galleria Alberto Sordi) and outlets (Castel Romano Designer Outlet, Fashion District Valmontone).

Rules and regulations

Note that the shop owners are obliged to not only clearly indicate the new price of the discounted item, but also the original price and the percentage taken off. Hang on to your receipt, because you will need to show it in case you wish to change the purchased item back.

Another pitfall to watch out for: Some shop owners refuse to accept credit card payment for items that are on sale. They are however obliged to accept credit card payment if they also accept this kind of payment during the rest of the year.

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