Royal Gardens Turin

The Royal Gardens (Giardini Reali) of Turin take up almost 7 hectares of space. The gardens, which are still enclosed by the old city walls, are divided into several parts with different characteristics. One of its main attractions is the Fountain of the Nereids and Tritons.

Royal Gardens Turin

Useful information

Address: Musei Reali di Torino, Piazza Reale, 1 – 10124 Torino. Phone: +39 011 5362038. Opening times: From 09.00 till 19.00. Ticket price: 5 Euros. Combi-ticket Royal Palace + exhibitions + Gardens: 15 Euros. Combi-ticket Royal Palace & Gardens: 16 Euros. Public transport (bus): Garibaldi (stop 245): lines 4, 7, 11, 27, 51, 57, Star 2; Castello (stops 471 and 472): lines 13, 13/, 15, 55, 56.

History and description

Royal Gardens Turin
The Royal Garden seen from the Mole Antonelliana.

The Royal Gardens date back to the 16th century. The first version was created in the under King Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia. Subsequently modifications took place toward the end of the 17th century and in 1886.

Giardino Ducale

Royal gardens Turin (Giardino Ducale)
Giardino Ducale

The Giardino Ducale, north of the Royal Palace, is the oldest part of the gardens. In 1886, when his brother Amedeo Ferdinando married Maria Letizia Bonaparte,King Umberto I had it modified by the Roda brothers. Part of the central fountain of the Giardino Ducale is made with granite slabs from the same quarries Guarino Guarini had used for the Chapel of the Holy Shroud of Turin.

Garden of the Arts

Fountain of the Neirids and Tritons Royal Gardens Turin
Neirids and Tirtons

The Giardino delle Arti was created in the late 17th century, under the reign of Carlo Emanuele II. The city had grown and its new ramparts are now the borders of this part of the Royal Gardens. From the Royal Palace, a slightly sloping lane descends this part of the garden toward the central Fountain of the Nereids and Tritons, sculpted by Simone Martinez in 1755.


Map of the Royal Gardens Turin
Map of the gardens.

The north-east part of the Royal Gardens is taken up by the Boschetto. This part was renovated by the modern garden designer Paolo Pejrone (who was als responsible for the modernization of the gardens of the Santa Croce in Gerusalemme Basilica in Rome). The Boschetto contains an art installation by Giulio Paolini called “Precious Stones”. Paolini used fire-damaged marble from the Chapel of the Holy Shroud for this installation.

Lower gardens

The Lower Gardens (Giardini Inferiori) are separated from the upper Royal Gardens by the ramparts of the city walls. Its grounds contain the former Royal Greenhouse, which now houses the Archaeological Museum.

Garittone and Bastione di San Maurizio

The Bastione di San Maurizio is located along the north side of the protective wall. It is one of few buildings having survived the desctruction caused by the troops of Napoleon.

The Garittone, or Bastion Verde, next to it was used by the ladies of the Royal Palace to enjoy views of the surrounding countryside.

Royal Gardens Turin

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