Sacred Cave Subiaco

The most important part of the Monastery of Saint Benedict in Subiaco is Saint Benedict’s cave, also known as the Cave of Prayer.

Sacred Cave Subiaco (Sacro Speco)

History and description

It is in this cave that Saint Benedict went to live as a hermit, known only to the monk Romano, who brought him the food necessary for his survival, by letting it down by means of a long rope.

After Saint Benedict had left the cave it became the site of prayer for the monks of the adjacent Saint Scholastico monastery.

In 1090 a monk called Palombo established himself near the “Sacro Speco” and went to live the life of a hermit there. One century later a community of 12 monks settled at the site and still later it was turned into the Monastery.

Sacred Cave, Subiaco

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