St. Paul’s Within The Walls Church Rome

The church of Saint Paul Within the Walls (San Paolo entro le Mura) is Rome‘s episcopal Anglican church and was the first non-Catholic church in the city to be built after the unification of Italy. It is located on the Via Nazionale shopping street.

Saint Paul’s Within The Walls Church Rome

History and description

Apse mosaic St. Paul's within the Walls Rome
Apse mosaic

Saint Paul‘s was designed by the English architect George Edmond Street, in a Romanesque Gothic style. The work had been commissioned by Reverend Robert J. Nevin who had acquired the terrain and gotten permission from the Italian government.

Construction lasted from 1873 until 1880. The church is recognizable by alternating red and travertine layers of bricks and a rose window with Evangelist symbols. The bell-tower has mullioned windows.

Works of art in the Chiesa di San Paolo entro le Mura

The mosaic around the portal and the rose window are by George Breck.

The mosaics in the apse were designed by Edward Burne Jones.

The most interesting aspect of the apse is however the formed by the mosaics of some of the Church Fathers, who have been depicted with the faces of a.o. Abraham Lincoln (Sant’Andrea), Giuseppe Garibaldi (San Giacomo) and General Grant (San Patrizio).

Opera Music Within the Walls

Several times a month the Virtuosi dell’Opera perform at the Church of Saint Paul’s Within the Walls.

Tickets cost between 28 and 38 Euros. There is a 5 Euro discount for Roma Pass holders, under 18’s and students under 27. The concerts start at 8.30 PM. It is possible to book by phone: +39 064826296.

Saint Paul’s within the Walls Church Rome

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