Saint Peter’s Basilica Tuscania

St. Peter's Basilica Tuscania

Saint Peter’s Basilica is an extremely beautiful church in Tuscania. The picturesque church has often been used as a backdrop for movies. It is situated on top of a hill outside the city centre.

St. Peter’s Basilica Tuscania

History and description

St. Peter's Basilica Tuscania (Crypt)

St. Peter’s Basilica is located at the top of the hill where the ancient Etruscan necropolis used to be. The facade overlooks a stretch of grassland between the Palazzo dei Canoni and the city’s defense towers. The apse is located on the city side.

The facade is characterized by a rose window graced by various decorations and a central entrance. Between the portal and the rose window there is a small loggia. There are also two side entrances.

The interior consists of three naves. The floor of the central nave is decorated with Cosmatesque motifs. This section was built earlier than the other two naves, which can also be deduced from the ancient stone seats.

The crypt has nine corridors. There are 28 columns, which were taken from the ruins of ancient Roman and early medieval buildings.

Movie directors who have used St. Peter’s Basilica in Tuscania as a backdrop include Orson Welles, Pasolini and Zeffirelli.

Saint Peter’s Basilica, Tuscania

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