Sala Santa Rita Rome (ex- Santa Rita in Cascia in Campitelli Kerk)

The former Santa Rita da Cascia in Campitelli Church is located more or less next to the Theater of Marcellus in Rome. The church was converted in 2000 into an exhibition space called Sala Santa Rita.

Santa Rita da Cascia in Campitelli Church Rome

Uesful information

Santa Rita da Cascia in Campitelli Church Rome
Santa Rita da Cascia in Campitelli Church

Address: Via Montanara, 8 – 00168 Rome. Phone: Unknown. Opening hours: From 18:00 to 21:00. Closed: Monday. Admission Fee: Depending on the event. (Note: Times and prices are subject to change).

History and description

What is now the Sala Santa Rita was built on the site where the medieval San Biagio de Mercato or “the Mercatello” Church used to be located.

The octagonal Baroque church was built around 1653 to a design by architect Carlo Fontana. Fontana used special perspectives to view the facade diagonally rather than frontally. The reason is that, in those days, the church was located in a rather narrow street.

In 1928, when Mussolini had the Via del Mare constructed, the little church was demolished. It was not until 1937 that it was rebuilt in its current location. This work was completed in 1940.

In 2000, the now deconsecrated church was restored, bringing it back to its original architectural structure.

The former church is now a multipurpose space where contemporary art exhibitions and other events take place.

Santa Rita da Cascia in Campitelli Church, Rome

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