San Basilio District Rome

The San Basilio District is Rome‘s 30th quartiere. It is situated in the north-eastern part of town and has existed since the 1920’s.

San Basilio District Rome (Q. XXX)

The San Basilio district did not undergo a substantial development until after World War II. The development mostly happened with money made available through UNRAA (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration), part of the famous Marshall Plan.

The quartiere partly consists of the suburb San Cleto, which in turn mostly consists of illegally constructed housing, and where most of the inhabitants originate from the regions Marche and Abruzzo.

For tourists San Basilio is not very interesting. The average football fan might not know that, apart from Roma and Lazio there is a third professional football team in Rome, though. It is called Cisco Calcio Roma and represents the San Basilio neighbourhood.

San Basilio district Rome

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