Church of San Benedetto Atessa

The San Benedetto Church is located in the suburb of Piazzano of Atessa. Although the first palns were made in 1939, the church was not finished until the 1970s.

San Benedetto Church Atessa

Useful information

Address: Atessa, Via Nazionale, 66041 Piazzano-piana La Fara. Phone: +39 0872 895409. Opening times: The church is open during religious services. Ticket price: Free. (Note that prices and times may be subject to change.)

History and description

San Benedetto Church Atessa
Church of San Benedetto

In 1939, at the insistence of his wife Giuseppina Pedroni, Vito Battilani wanted a chapel to be built in the countryside.

This chapel was only finished in 1954 and was dedicated to the Sacro Cuore “Sacred Heart”).

In 1960, Luciano Cichitti had a kindergarten constructed. The chapel was placed in the atrium of this school. A statue of the Virgin of Lourdes was added, and a bell tower erected next to the building.

The foundation stone for the final church was only laid in 1972.

The mosaic on the facade depicts San Benedetto. The person on his right is Luciano Cichitti with a spade in his hand.

San Benedetto Church, Atessa

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