Church of San Bernardino in Rimini

The Church of San Bernardino in Rimini was built in 1670, although its consecration took place almost a century later. The architect was Giovan Francesco Buonamici, who died not long after the construction was started and is buried in a tomb below the main altar of the church.

San Bernardino Church Rimini

Useful information

Address: Piazzetta San Bernardino – 47921 Rimini. Phone: +39 0541 785493. Opening times: From 08:00 till 19:00. Ticket price: Free. (Note that opening times and admission may be subject to change.)

History and description

The Chiesa di San Bernardino was constructed in 1670. It was built on top of a 15th century oratorium. After the church had been severely damaged during an earthquake in 1672, it took until 1761 for the church to be consecrated.

The main features of the facade are the statues of San Bernardino da Siena and San Giacomo della Marca. Like the statue of San Francesco on the right flank of the church, the works were sculpted by Carlo Sarti.


Cloister of the San Bernardino Church in Rimini

The adjacent convent dates back to the 18th century. As a result of World War II damage, only the wing next to the church remains of the original structure. The bombings causing the damage were also responsible for the deaths of several people who had taken refuge in the convent.

After the restoration, this part of the complex was returned to its original structure, around a central cloister.

Since 1994, the Sisterhood of the Poor Clares resides in the convent.

What to see

Wooden crucifix

Wooden crucifix in San Bernardino Church Rimini
Wooden crucifix

The wooden crucifix adorning one of the altars was made in 1636.


The five altar pieces depict a number of saints. Giovanni Laurentini (aka l’Arrigoni) painted “San Bernardino da Siena”, Ercole Graziani was responsible for the “Santa Margherita da Cortona” and Donati Creti did the “San Francesco”, “San Diego d’Alcalà” and “San Giovanni da Capestrano”. Except for the “San Bernardino”, which was painted in the 17th century, all works date from the mid-18th century.


The organ opposite the main altar dates from the 18th century. It is located below two statues of angels with the crest of the Franciscan Order. The statues were the work of Carlo Sarti.

San Bernardino Church, Rimini

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