San Biagio Saracinisco travel guide

San Biagio Saracinisco

San Biagio Saracinisco is a very small town (fewer than four hundred inhabitants) in the eastern part of the province of Frosinone. The town is a good starting point for exploring the Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo. Besides the natural beauty, the archaeological site at Omini Morti is an attraction.

San Biagio Saracinisco

Useful information

The address of the town hall is Via D. Diamante Iaconelli, 31 – 03040 San Biagio Saracinisco (tel. +39 077667018). The postal code is 03040 and the area code is 0776.

What to see in San Biagio Saracinisco

San Biagio Saracinisco
San Biagio Saracinisco

The San Biagio Church was built in the 12th century. However, its current appearance is the result of a reconstruction in the 19th century. 

Outside the historical center, near the hamlet of Omini Morti (“Dead Men”) (parts of) human skeletons have been found. Other finds from this necropolis include pottery vases, ceramics and weapons from various eras. 

Next to the town hall is a small museum with archaeological finds dating from the 6th to the 3rd century BC.

A brief history of San Biagio Saracinisco

San Biagio Saracinisco is located in a rather inhospitable area. The first inhabitants were the Sannites. The Saracens came to reside there in the 10th century. The town first belonged to the Montecassino Abbey and later became the property of several families of feudal lords. In the second world war it was severely damaged.

Main historical events

The area where San Biagio is located was originally inhabited by the Sannites and the Romans, respectively.

At the beginning of the 10th century the Saracens sought refuge there. They had been driven out of their settlements along the Garigliano River by Pope John X in 915.

The San Biagio Church, the main church of the municipality, was built in the 12th century.

Until the 13th century, the town was owned by the Montecassino Abbey.

In the following centuries it became a fiefdom of several noble families, including the Cantelmo and the Gallio.

Because of its remote location, historical events had little impact on the town from the end of the 18th century.

However, it was subject to a plague of highwaymen who made the area unsafe.

Originally the name of the town was only San Biagio, after the patron saint. In 1864, this was changed to San Biagio Saracinisco. The addition refers to the Middle Ages, when many Saracens used to live there.

In World War II, the city was almost completely destroyed by bombings.

Events and festivals

As with many towns in the region, poverty and lack of work more or less forced the inhabitants to seek refuge elsewhere at the beginning of the 20th century. Every year towards the middle of August, the Festa dell’Emigrante is held in the town.

How to get to San Biagio by car

From Frosinone take the SR214 to Sora and then the SS627. From Rome, first take the E45 to Frosinone and then follow the previous directions.

Public transportation: Unknown.

San Biagio Saracinisco, Frosinone, Latium, Italy

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