San Calimero Basilica Milan

The ancient origins of the early Christian San Calimero Basilica in Milan are clear from the tombstones on the right side of the church. The water from the well inside the crypt used to be thought to have healing powers.

San Calimero Basilica Milan

Address, opening times and admission

Address: Via San Calimero – 20122 Milan (MI). Phone: +39 02 58314028. Opening hours: From 07.45 till 12.00 and from 16.30 till18.30. Ticket: free. Wheelchair accessible: Yes.

History and description

The Basilica of San Calimero was constructed next to a cemetery outside what was then the center of Milan. The tombs that can still be seen are both pagan and Christian.

The apse exterior is characterized by its Abrosian arches and is the result of a Romanesque reconstruction around the 11th century.

In 1609, Francesco Maria Richini (1584-1658) oversaw a complete restoration. The 8th century crypt was also reconstructed around this time. The frescoes decorating this crypt are by Fiammenghini.

The brick facade is the result of another restoration between 1812 and 1884, however. The architect of this renovation was Angelo Colla.


San Calimero was bishop of Milan from approximately 270 tot 280 AD. He was killed when he was thrown into a well by a group of pagans. His relics were found in the 8th century, in the (still existing) well in the crypt of the basilica. In the past, on the saint’s feast day, water from this well used to be distributed to the sick.

San Calimero Basilica, Milan

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