San Cataldo Church Palermo

San Cataldo Church Palermo

The San Cataldo Church is located right next to the Martorana Church in Palermo. It was built in the mid-12th century. The exterior is mainly characterized by the three Arabic-looking, rather bulky red domes. The highlight inside the church is formed by the beautiful marble floor.

San Cataldo Church Palermo

Address, hours and ticket price

Address: Chiesa di San Cataldo, Piazza Bellini, 3 – 90133 Palermo. Tel: (+39) 091 302667. Admission price: 2,50 Euro; discount 1,50 Euro. Opening hours: From 09.30 to 12.30 and from 15.00 to 18.00; December 31 from 09.30 to 12.30; January 1 from 15.00 to 18.00. Closed: December 25 and August 15.

History and description

San Cataldo Church Palermo (interior)

The San Cataldo Church was built in 1154. In those days the Norman king Guglielmo I was in power. The commissioner of its construction was the Grand Admiral Majone da Bari. Originally it was no more than the chapel of a palace which, however, no longer exists.

The church is the best example of Arabic architecture in the service of the Normans. This is especially evidenced by the building’s red domes and the square shape.

In 1182, Guglielmo I donated the chapel and the then still existing palace to the Monreale Benedictines. The order stayed there until 1787, when the palace was converted into a post office.

In the meantime, because of various renovations, the appearance of the church had changed considerably. In 1882, under the direction of Giuseppe Patricolo, an attempt was made to restore the original project to its former glory.

The interior is divided into three naves. The three domes are located above the nave. The pillars that separate the naves are connected by pointed arches.

The church has a beautiful floor, with marble inlays.

The main altar is carved with a cross and the symbols of the Evangelists.

San Cataldo Church, Palermo

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