San Domenico Convent Fiesole

The San Domenico Convent is located halfway down the road between Fiesole and Florence. The main attraction is formed by some paintings by the hand of Beato Angelico.

San Domenico Convent Fiesole

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

Address: Piazza San Domencio – Fiesole. Telephone: +39 055 59230. Opening hours: Not known. Entrance fee: Free of charge.

San Domenico Convent Fiesole
San Domenico Convent

History and description

The San Domenico Convent was founded in 1406. However, it was not built until 1435. It was commissioned by Jacopo Altoviti and Giovanni Domenici, two friars of the Santa Maria Novella Church in Florence.

"Maesta", Beato Angelico (San Domenico Convent Fiesole)
“Maesta”, Beato Angelico.

The monastery was used to train future priests. One of the friars was the painter Beato Angelico, whose works are exhibited in some of the most famous museums of the world.

In the convent itself you can admire a triptych known as the “Altarpiece of San Domenico of Fiesole, Madonna of the Benediction and Crucifixion of the Chapter”.

Convento di San Domenico, Fiesole

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