San Francesco Church Pavia

The San Francesco Church is located in the center of Pavia. The fa├žade is characterized by a play of colors of two types of stone. The more austere interior has its artistic highlight in the main altar with a beautiful wooden choir from the Renaissance period.

San Francesco Church Pavia

Useful information

Address: Corso Cairoli, 2 – 27100 Pavia. Telephone: +39 038227710. Entrance: Free of charge. Opening hours: Not known.

History and description

San Francesco Church Pavia

The facade of this 14th century church is characterized by a double entrance gate and by the interplay of the white and red stone being used. The trifora and the five spires that adorn the facade are also striking.

The interior of the church is very spacious. One can see a clear difference between the two periods in which the church was built. The front part, consisting of the central nave and the transept makes a Gothic impression, while the rear, built a century earlier, has a Romanesque architectural style.

What to see

A highlight is the Beccaria Chapel in the left transept. Built for this local family, the chapel is graced by 13th century wall paintings.

The wood-carved chancel in the presbytery dates from the 15th century, as does the wooden cross made in the same period by local sculptor Baldino di Surso.

San Francesco Church Pavia

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