San Francesco Church Vetralla

The Chiesa di San Francesco is the is the oldest in the town of Vetralla in the province of Viterbo. The church was erected on the remains of an earlier building, which may have dated back to the 7th century. The most interesting part of the church is its crypt.

San Francesco Church Vetralla

Useful information

Address: Largo San Francesco, 11 – Vetralla.

History and description

San Francesco Crypt Vetralla

The San Francesco Church was enlarged in the 12th century. This is also when it acquired its present appearance.

The lunette above the portal is decorated with floral motifs.

The interior consists of three naves. Its floor is Cosmatesque. The walls are frescoed.

The crypt consists of six naves. These are separated by 27 small columns. The frescoes gracing this underground space were painted between the 12th and 17th century.

The crypt was completely excavated in the volcanic tuff stone ground. Having been hidden for centuries, it has now been restored to its original appearance.

San Francesco Church, Vetralla