San Gaetano Church Atessa

The San Gaetano Church is located in the main shopping street of the town of Atessa in the province of Chieti. It was built in 1668.  Currently, the church is desecrated and is used as an exhibition space.

San Gaetano Church Atessa

Useful information

Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele – Atessa.

History and description

The San Gaetano Church is located in the Corso Vittorio Emanuele. It no longer serves as a church and at present is used only as an exhibition space.

The church had been commissioned by Leucio and Aurelio Scalella in 1668. At that time it still belonged to the Monastery of the Poor Clares.

The San Gaetano Church has a sober facade, with a pointed roof and a bell gable. The interior is also characterized by a lack of ornamentation and entirely white-washed walls.

San Gaetano Church, Atessa

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