San Giacomo degli Spagnoli Church Naples

The San Giacomo degli Spagnoli Church is incorporated into municipal hall of Naples. This Palazzo San Giacomo overlooks the Piazza Municipio. The main attraction is the tomb of the Spanish viscount Pedro de Toledo.

San Giacomo degli Spagnoli Church Naples

Useful information

Address: Piazza Municipio, 29 – Napoli. Telephone: +39 081 5522089. Opening hours: From 08.30 to 19.00. Entrance fee: Free of charge. The official name of the church is Pontificia reale basilica di San Giacomo degli Spagnoli.

History and Description

San Giacomo degli Spagnoli Church - Monument Pedro de Toledo
Tomb of Pedro de Toledo

The San Giacomo degli Spagnoli Church was commissioned by Pedro de Toledo in 1540. The church used to belong to the hospital for Spanish soldiers. The architect was Ferdinando Manlio, who had also been responsible for the rebuilding of the Castel Capuano.

The interior of the church is graced, in addition to multiple works of art, by monuments of the Spanish presence in the city.

The most important of these is the tomb of Pedro de Toledo and his wife Maria. Although already made in 1539, it was not placed in the church until 1570. The maker was Alberto di Nola. The pedestal is decorated with events from the life of the viscount, while the statues on the tomb itself depict the cardinal virtues. Portraits of the two who died are also depicted on it.

There are also some interesting funerary monuments along the entrance.

San Giacomo degli Spagnoli Church, Naples

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