San Giorgio in Braida Church Verona

The San Giorgio in Braida Church in Verona is best known for its striking dome. The main attraction within the church is the painting “Martyrdom of Saint George” by Paolo Veronese.

San Giorgio in Braida Church Verona

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

San Giorgio in Braida Church Verona
San Giorgio in Braida Church

Address: Porta San Giorgio, 6 – 37129 Verona. tel. +39 0458340232. Opening hours: Unknown. Entrance fee: Free of charge.

History and description

The San Giorgio in Braida Church was founded in 1046 as a Benedictine monastery. In 1441 this monastery came into the hands of the Order of San Giorgio in Alga, after which it underwent a complete renovation.

The most striking part of the church is the dome designed by Michele Sanmicheli. In order to be able to build it, part of the Romanesque bell tower next to the church had to be demolished. Construction began in 1484, but it was not completed until 1604, long after Sanmicheli‘s death.

The white fa├žade consists of two levels, with niches containing statues.

The interior consists of a single nave. The side chapels date from the 16th century.


"Martyrdom of St. George", Veronese
“Martyrdom of St. George”, Veronese

Jacopo Tintoretto painted the “Baptism of Christ” above the entrance.

The first painting on the left wall, “Sant’Orsola and the Virgins” by Giovan Francesco Caroto is supposed to have been a favourite of Goethe.

The organ was painted by Girolamo Romanino.

Girolamo dei Libri was responsible for the “Holy Conversation”. In the art world, Sacra Conversazione means a painting in which Mary and Child stand between an informal group of saints.

The altar in the apse was made by the workshop of Michele Sanmicheli. Near this altar is the main attraction, “Martyrdom of Saint George” painted by Paolo Veronese.

San Giorgio Braida church Verona

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