San Giorgio Church Brescia

The San Giorgio Church in Brescia was built in the second half of the 13th century. Its current appearance is the result of a 20th century renovation however. The facade is characterized by a marble portal and an impressive staircase. The frescoes adorning the interior were mostly painted in the 13th century. Today the building is used for conventions and cultural events.

San Giorgio Church Brescia

Useful information

Address: Piazzetta San Giorgio, 2 – 25122 – Brescia. Tel. +39 030.2977833/834. Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00.

History and description

San Giorgio Church Brescia

The San Giorgio Church was built in the early Middle Ages, although at that time it was a private oratory. It later became the seat of the Frati Minori “Friars Minor”. Toward the end of the 16th century, the Brotherhood of Santa Maria della Misercordia took over the church. This brotherhood was founded in order to assist criminals who had been given the death penalty.

The double staircase leading to the entrance dates from 1639.


The interior consists, as was common practice in 12th century Romanesque churches, of three naves. These all end in an apse. Alternating pillars and columns support a coffered vault, which was decorated with frescoes in the 17th century. The painters, Antonio Sorisene and Pompeo Ghitti, chose landscape motifs.

Frescoed vault, San Giorgio Church, Brescia

Along the walls and in the apses are several fragments of 15th century paintings. A highlight is the “Sant’Anna on the Throne with Mary and Christ in her lap” (early 14th century).

Many paintings that originally adorned this church are now on display in the Museo Diocesano of Brescia.

San Giorgio Church, Brescia