San Giovanni in Conca Crypt Milan

The ancient crypt is all that is left of the San Giovanni in Conca Church in Milan. The church itself was destroyed in 1949 and the artworks present were transferred to the Archaeological Museum and the Castello Sforzesco.

San Giovanni in Conca Crypt Milan

Useful information

San Giovanni in Conca Crypt Milan
San Giovanni in Conca Crypt

Address: Piazza Missori 20122 – Milano. Phone: +39 0220404175. Opening hours: From 09:30 to 17:30. Closed: Monday. Entrance fee: Not known.

History and description

San Giovanni in Conca Church Milan
The church before its destruction

The location of the Crypt of the San Giovanni in Conca Church is indicated by some ruined walls on the traffic island in the Piazza Missori. Of the ancient early Christian church, only ruins of the apse and crypt remain.

The rest of the church was almost completely razed to the ground in 1949. This had become necessary in order to facilitate construction of the Via Albricci. It is not entirely clear why some walls were left standing.

The facade was reused in the construction of the Tempio Valdese in the Via Francesco Sforza. Bernabò Visconti’s equestrian statue, along with several sarcophagi, frescoes and other objects, is on display in the Castello Sforzesco. The floor mosaics are now on display in the Archaeological Museum of Milan.

The ancient crypt is very well preserved, though, and ancient Roman and medieval objects can be seen there. It is the only surviving example of a Romanesque crypt in Milan.

San Giovanni in Conca Crypt, Milan

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