San Giovanni Evangelista Church Lenola

The San Giovanni Evangelista Church of Lenola is located behind the Palazzo Baronale and is one of the oldest churches in the municipality. Its main attraction is a fresco from the 15th century. The church is only rarely open for mass.

San Giovanni Evangelista Church Lenola

History and description

The oldest document referring to the Chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista dates back to 1299. Because of numerous renovations in the course of the centuries, it is characterized by a mixture of architectural styles. However, recent restorations have brought some of the original wall coverings to light.

The church consists of a single nave, with a small sacristy on the right.

The campanile is located to the right of the church and is topped by an octagonal spire.

What to see

The fresco depicts the Madonna and Child flanked by the saints Rocco and Andrea, with a book and a cross.

One of the altars is decorated with a 16th century painting depicting “the Madonna showing the Child to Sant’Anna”.

An early 16th century painting depicting “San Giovanni explaining the Gospel to San Rocco” that used to adorn the other altar, has been moved to the city’s town hall.

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