San Giovanni Evangelista Church Tivoli

The Chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista in Tivoli was built in the early 15th century on the site of an earlier church dedicated to San Cristoforo.

San Giovanni Evangelista Church Tivoli

Useful information

San Giovanni Evangelista Church Tivoli
Apse frescoes

Address: Via Antonio Parrozzani, 2-4 – 00019 Tivoli.

History and description

The San Giovanni Evangelista Church is incorporated into the structure of the hospital of the same name, which has existed since 1337.

What to see

The main attraction of the church is the late 15th-century fresco cycle in the presbytery. The only unpainted part of the presbytery is the back wall. There used to be a painting here as well, but it was destroyed during the installation of the altar. The frescoes are attributed to Antoniazzo Romano.

Toward the end of the 15th century, a statue of San Giovanni was placed in the church. This work of art attributed to Andrea della Robbia was donated to the church by a cousin of Pope Leo X.

San Giovanni Evangelista Church, Tivoli

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