San Giovanni Fuorcivitas Church Pistoia

The San Giovanni Fuorcivitas Church is located in the center of Pistoia. The addition Fuorcivitas is due to the fact that at the time it was built the church was still outside the city walls of Pistoia.

San Giovanni Fuorcivitas Church Pistoia

Useful information

The address of the Chiesa di San Giovanni Fuorcivitas is Via Francesco Crispi, 2 – 51100 Pistoia (tel. +39 057324784). Opening hours: Unknown. Entrance: Free.

San Giovanni Fuorcivitas Church Pistoia
San Giovanni Fuorcivitas Church

History and description

It is known that the Chiesa di San Giovanni Fuorcivitas must have existed as early as the 12th century and it may have already been there at the time the Lombards controlled Pistoia.

At that time the church consisted of a single nave with an apse and was smaller than it is today. Enlargement took place in the 14th century, when the nave was both widened and made longer.

The facade is characterized by a number of blind arches of various sizes resting on pillars and columns. Within the arches are windows framed by increasingly smaller and deeper alternating black and white frames. Despite the enormous length of this façade, there is only one entrance.

The interior still consists of only one nave and has a pointed roof. The bifora in the presbytery wall dates from the 14th century.

The beautiful bas-relief above the portal was made by Gruamonte in 1167 and represents “The Last Supper.”

At the beginning of the 20th century, an extensive restoration uncovered a Romanesque cloister.

After the Second World War, restoration work was again necessary.

Works of art San Giovanni Fuorcivitas Church Pistoia

Near the main altar is a poliptych painted in 1332 by Guido di Cino.

Giovanni Pisano made the Pila dell’Acqua Santa.

Giovanni Cristiani was responsible for the “Events in the Life of Saint John the Evangelist”.

The beech pulpit was made by Fra Guglielmo in 1270. The chair rests on two columns. At the base of these columns are two lions.

“The Visitation” is a glazed earthenware sculpture group made by Andrea della Robbia.

Taddeo Gaddi painted the polyptych “Madonna on the Throne with Saints Jacob and John the Evangelist.”

A 13th century crucifix.

San Giovanni Fuorcivitas Church, Pistoia

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