San Giovanni in Zoccoli Church Viterbo

The San Giovanni in Zoccoli Church is located between the Piazza Dante and the Via Mazzini in the center of Viterbo. The church is connected to the adjacent bell tower by two elegant arches.

San Giovanni in Zoccoli Church Viterbo

Address, Opening Hours and Admission Price

San Giovanni in Zoccoli Church Viterbo
San Giovanni in Zoccoli Church

The address of the Chiesa di San Giovanni in Zoccoli is Via Mazzini, 8 – Viterbo. Admission is free. Opening hours are not known.

History and description

The San Giovanni (Evangelista) in Zoccoli Church is one of the best known examples of 11th century church architecture, as it has hardly undergone any changes since the Middle Ages.

The name of this church is derived from the former name San Giovanni in Ciocola, which in turn is a corruption of ciotola (“bowl”). This is the bowl used by John the Baptist to baptize people and with which he was also often depicted.

Except for the rose window, the façade of the church has no decoration. It dates back to the 13 century and is graced with the symbols of the Evangelists, including the eagle representing San Giovanni himself.

What is extraordinarily striking about the façade are the two arches that connect this façade to the tower standing next to the church.

The interior consists of three naves. The columns are made of blocks of peperino, a type of stone used in the region. The presbytery ends in a three-part apse.

Above one of the altars is a pyramid-like structure held up by four columns.

Of the two remaining altars, one is antique, while the other is of modern manufacture, but based on the design of the first, with a bas-relief on the front.

The most striking work of art is a 15th century painting by Balletta, depicting the “Virgin on the Throne with Child and Saints.”

San Giovanni Evangelista in Zoccoli Church, Viterbo


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